How to Know When You’re in a Good Healthy Relationship With Your Lover

If you’re currently in a relationship and have been wondering if it is a healthy one, there are a lot of different things that you want to consider so that you can answer that question for yourself. The first thing that you will want to realize is that each relationship is different, whether they are healthy ones or not. You can’t simply compare your current one to a past one. You’ll never find an identical one to ones that you have had in the past. You need to understand that your current relationship is its own entity, healthy or not.

When you are in a healthy relationship, you will find that you feel positive about it, and you will find that you feel more positive about yourself. A good match of partner will make you feel better about yourself and more confident. You will feel secure with your partner and not have problems with trust or communication. While it is perfectly normal to have arguments in any relationship, you will be able to move past them and put them behind you in a healthy one.

A healthy relationship is most recognizable by the amount of actual friendship that is within it. If you are with a person that compliments you well and that is a good match for you, it will feel as if you are dating someone that is also like a best friend to you. They will want to be the first person that you call when something good happens. They will also be the first person you call when something bad happens. You will want to spend time with them and being around them will never feel like an obligation. You will feel secure and happy around them. You won’t think of ending the relationship over every little fight. You can see yourself someday making the decision to spend the rest of your life with them and when you think about this it will bring more of a pleasant feeling than an anxious one.

When you are not in a healthy relationship you will feel as if there are a lot of times that you wish you could just call it quits. You will find yourself not enjoying spending a lot of time around that person. You may fight and bicker about a lot of different things. You may also have a lot of jealousy in the relationship. A healthy one will have trust and abundant love, while an unhealthy one will not.